What is CBD

CBD and its Amazing Benefits 

Cannabidiol which is also referred to as CBD is one of the many cannabinoids that are present in the cannabis plant. Unlike the other active ingredients of the cannabis plant, CBD does not possess psychoactive properties and as such do not give its user mind-altering effects or the feeling of being intoxicated. This quality of being non-intoxicating makes CBD a great treatment option for those seeking to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes. 

CBD which is extracted from the flowers and buds of the cannabis plant is mostly being pressed into oil and diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil or hemp seed oil. This oil is considered natural and potent in the improvement of certain health conditions.

In recent times, the use of CBD has become more pronounced, from being found in skincare products to teas and supplements; CBD is everywhere and is being utilized for various advantages. CBD has proved to be notably efficient in treating and managing different health issues like seizures, depression and, irritable bowel disease. Here are a few amazing benefits of cannabidiol. 

The Amazing Benefits of CBD 

Can Relieve Depression and Anxiety: the fact is a large percentage of people all over the world suffer from depression and anxiety today, and these two mental health conditions can have serious effects on a person’s overall wellbeing. Although there are medications that are usually used in the treatment of these two, these medications can be addictive and can also cause different side effects like insomnia, drowsiness and, agitation. However, CBD has not only been found to be effective in the treatment of depression and anxiety but can also be administered in many ways. Cannabidiol can act with serotonin in the brain to regulate mood and improve mental thoughts. 

Improves Brain Health: it is believed that cannabidiol can help improve the function of the brain. Research has shown that CBD possesses the ability to act on brain health because of its neuroprotective properties. This means that CBD can wield great benefits for people with neurological disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease. Cannabidiol through its interaction with the brain receptors can help protect brain cells from damage and get rid of damaged cells. 

Can be used as a Pain Reliever: the most common use of cannabis in general, is for the alleviation of pain. CBD has proven to be very effective in reducing and treating pain. The human body produces endocannabinoids which are neurotransmitters that are responsible for different functions including appetite, immune system response sleep and, pain. CBD when taken interacts with the neurotransmitters in the body, this results in the reduction of inflammation which thereby helps to get rid of pain. CBD can be used to treat both physical and neuropathic pains. 

Acne Treatment: Acne is a common skin condition in the world today. It is often caused by the excess secretion of sebum skin’s sebaceous glands. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the production of sebum. When properly utilized, CBD can get rid of the visible appearances of acne on the skin. Cannabidiol can be generally used to improve skin appearance. 

For Treating Seizures: seizures occur when the activity in the nerve cell of the brain is disturbed. Cannabidiol can help in the treatment of seizures by binding together the brain cells that cause the disturbance and inducing relaxation. 

Enhance Heart Health: a high level of blood pressure can lead to several health issues including heart attack, cardiovascular diseases and, stroke. However, CBD can reduce blood pressure because of its anti-anxiety and relaxing properties. 

Helps in the Treatment of Cancer: cannabidiol can help to alleviate some symptoms of cancer. Studies have shown that CBD has the ability to slow down cancer cells and prevent tumors from developing. CBD can also be used to treat the side effects that usually accompany chemotherapy. 

Addiction Treatment and Management: research has shown that CBD can be used to treat and minimize drug addictions. CBD can help with drug addiction by correcting the neuronal circuits that are responsible for stimulating the addiction thereby reducing cravings. 

How to Take CBD 

Cannabidiol can be utilized in different forms, whether topically or orally; these forms can wield several benefits but the results achieved from using them can differ. Examples are CBD oil, Balm, Soaps, Creams and, Anxiety Tea.

 CBD Oil: cannabidiol oil is the most common form of CBD. It is extracted from the cannabis plant and diluted with coconut or hemp seed oil. It can be used on the skin and can also be consumed orally. You can make use of a tincture to be able to adjust the dose, you can also add the oil to your food. 

CBD Cream and lotions: CBD creams and lotions are topically infused. They are applied on the skin only and can be used for both the surface and under skin relief.